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Hey girls,

beginning guitarFirst off I want to say thank you for all of the positive feedback we’ve gotten about the new guitar program we’re going to start in 2016!

This is going to be an exciting time and we’re really excited to be able to encourage the study of music within our Kenosha troops!

In that vein, I thought I’d share a few more resources with you that can help you to get started learning guitar. I know several of the girls have already started to learn on their own, which will put them in a great position for January’s first workshop!

Here are a few tips:

Learn a few Basic Chords First

When you’re just starting out with guitar, it can feel overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, where do you begin?

In my view, you should try to learn a few basic chords first, and be sure to pick common chords that you can apply to a bunch of different songs, like we mentioned in the last post.

When you learn chords, also learn transitions between the chords, and practice switching between different chords quickly and effortlessly!

Don’t Forget Your Scales

Once you know your first couple of chords, it’s also really important to make sure you practice your scales! Scales are an essential part of playing any instrument, and while they’re not the most fun choice for many beginners, if you do them the right way you’ll soon learn that they are the key to playing everything else!

Most musicians spend time everyday practicing their scales, and yet somehow many beginning guitarists overlook this crucial part of their practice routine.

There’s a great tutorial on how to practice guitar scales from Beginners Guitar Studio, which I recommend you read in order to learn how to get started. They also have a number of scale tutorials for you to learn how to play in any key.

Apply Everything To A Song!

Finally, you should be sure to apply everything you learn to a song!

This step is what makes learning guitar so much fun, since you can pick a song, learn the chords for the song and practice everything together. You can even choose the scales you’re going to practice based on the key of the song you want to learn, and try working bits of the scale into the song, or playing around with the song’s melody, which is likely to use many elements of the scale!

I hope these tips help you get started, and I’ll see everyone after the holidays! See below for an example practice routine using these concepts!