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disney frozen sing a longHello girls!
Super excited to announce our November 2015 event, which is going to be a Frozen sing-a-long!

We thought that with the coming of winter, this would be the perfect time to enjoy one of the best Disney movies of the last decade, while learning about music and the arts.

So, we have a super fun weekend planned for November 20th-November 22nd, just before Thanksgiving, at our Woodhaven camp!

Here’s a quick breakdown and summary of the weekend’s events!

Friday November 20th

Arrival and Check-in start at 6:00pm Friday. Troop 437 is going to be arriving at 5:00 to begin preparing dinner for the group.

Friday night is going to be fun and relaxing, we’ll eat dinner around 7:00, and then have a full length screening of, you guessed it: Frozen!

Saturday November 21st.

Saturday is when we’re going to get into the details of the music education part of the event.

From 9:00-12:00, we’ll be diving up into teams, and each team will be tasked with preparing a performance of one of the popular songs from Frozen.

We’ll have a break at 12:00, with lunch at 1:00 prepared by Troop 721. After lunch, we’ll gather back into our teams for the afternoons showcase and competition face-off!

Each team will perform their song, and winners will be voted on by the other teams. NO voting for your own team’s performance!

Then, we’ll have a guided walk around the grounds, and talk about the historical traditions different cultures used to prepare for winter!

When we get back, we’ll be warmed up with some hot cocoa, and Troop 596 will be preparing dinner, which will be served at 7:00.

After dinner, we’ll have a full group campfire sing a long.

Sunday November 22nd

Sunday morning we’ll have the awards ceremony for the winning teams the day before, and parent pickup is at 11:00am!

Before You Come

Please note that, like all events at Woodhaven Center, everyone will be expected to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow. We will be sleeping in the main room of the center, so no camping equipment is needed.

Please bring warm clothes in case the weather gets chilly, as we do have two outdoor events planned for the weekend.

Also note that for the competition, you can download free music from, so you can click here to download Frozen sheet music before the event.

You might also visit the official Frozen website from, or watch the video below for the full Frozen soundtrack!